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الأثنين 21 ديسمبر 2015
أخر خبر
رولا سعد: كن بسيطاً تكن اجمل - السيسي يصدر قرارا بترقية اللواء كمال عامر لرتبة فريق - خالد النبوى يشارك جمهوره بصورة ويعلق عليها - البنك الإفريقي يمنح "ريدكون" 2.7 مليار جنيه لتمويل مشروع الحي اللاتيني بالعلمين الجديدة - سويسرول بطريقة مميزة بالخطوات - عجة بالجبنة بطربقة جديدة وشهية - رئيس لجنة الدفاع والأمن القومي بالبرلمان.. 20 معلومة عن اللواء كمال عامر بعد وفاته بكورونا - انطلاقًا من العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة.. البنك الأهلي المصري يطلق أول فرع متنقل في مصر وال - السيسي ناعيا كمال عامر: فقدت مصر اليوم واحدًا من أغلى رجالها.. معلمي وأستاذي وقائدي - فيديو .. رئيس غينيا بيساو للسيسي : تذكرني بجمال عبدالناصر - تعرف علي موعد رحيل كورونا عن العالم - فيديو .. السيسي: استمرار حرص مصر على التوصل لاتفاق قانونى ملزم لملء وتشغيل سد النهضة - تراجع جماعي لمؤشرات البورصة في نهاية تعاملات اليوم - وفاة كمال عامر رئيس لجنة الدفاع والأمن القومي بالبرلمان - قرار زواجي كان مفاجئ وسط كورونا.. أبرز تصريحات هند عبد الحليم مع منى الشاذلي -


Zoho partners with Flat6Labs to accelerate digital transformation for startups

Zoho partners with Flat6Labs to accelerate digital transformation for startups
Zoho partners with Flat6Labs to accelerate digital transformation for startups

Zoho Corporation, a global technology company with the broadest portfolio of products in the industry, has entered into a strategic partnership with Flat6Labs, a leading startup accelerator and seed investment company in the MENA region. Under this collaborative initiative, startups associated with Flat6Labs across any of its six locations--Cairo, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Bahrain, and Tunis--can avail access to Zoho's business applications.
This also includes Zoho One, a unified cloud-based suite of 45+ applications for sales, marketing, finance, HR, and other business processes. The partnership will help early-stage startups overcome entry barriers and leverage a cost-effective technology adoption plan to achieve digital agility in their business operations.
Hyther Nizam, President MEA, Zoho Corp said: "An integrated digital platform that seamlessly connects business functions will become more relevant and useful for businesses in the post-pandemic world. As customers and other stakeholders increasingly engage online, businesses, especially startups and SMEs, can immensely benefit from cloud-powered enterprise tools that offer swift deployment and also scale smoothly as the company grows. Through this partnership with Flat6Labs, Zoho is committed towards digitally empowering the MENA startup ecosystem to unlock new growth potential and contribute better to the region's economic development."
Speaking on this partnership, Saleh Abbas, Senior Program Manager of Flat6Labs Bahrain said: “We are thrilled about partnering with Zoho Corp and the benefits it will be providing to our startup portfolio across the region. Zoho's wide range of business applications will give the startup founders working with us the necessary technological resources to streamline operations and strategically grow their business. We also look forward to working closely with our new partner on other collaborations in the future.”
Hassan Mansi, Program Director - StartEgypt, Flat6Labs, added: “Catering for our startups, located all over the region, has always been an utmost priority for us at Flat6Labs, irrespective of the market that we’re operating in. We’ve always been excited about working with partners who provide solutions specifically designed for startups and we believe that the offering provided by Zoho will enable our network of regional startups to accelerate their growth. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with Zoho and for more success to come.”

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