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الأثنين 21 ديسمبر 2015
أخر خبر
حقيقة تحرير شيرين عبد الوهاب محضر ضد حسام حبيب - بالصور ..مصر تستعد لرفع الستار عن ميدان التحرير بعد تطويره - تعرف على حقيقة تحرير شيرين عبد الوهاب محضر ضد حسام حبيب - قتل فيلة حامل بـ اناناس يتصدر البحث علي جوجل.. تعرف علي التفاصيل - إخماد حريق داخل شقة سكنية فى القطامية دون اصابات - انهيار سوق الأسهم وتراجع أسعار الذهب.. احتجاجات أمريكا تخنق «اقتصاد ترامب» - شاهد.. أحمد فتحي يكشف تفاصيل جديدة حول إصابة زوجته وبناته بكورونا - أستاذ صدر: تسخين التبغ بدلا من حرقه هو الخيار الأفضل لصحة المدخن - السعودية: تسجيل 1975 إصابة جديدة بفيروس كورونا - فيديو.. الرئيس السيسي يشارك في القمة العالمية للقاحات - بالفيديو.. تعرف على آخر مستجدات الحالة الصحية لـ رجاء الجداوي - رئيس اتحاد البنوك: توفير أماكن بالمستشفيات للمصرفيين المصابين بـ كورونا - بدء تطبيق العزل المنزلي للمصريين العالقين العائدين من الخارج - الصحة: تسجيل 1152 حالة إيجابية جديدة لفيروس كورونا.. و 38 حالة وفاة - حقيقة اصابة الدكتور شريف وديع مسشار وزيرة الصحة بكورونا -


Online platform “Esaal” to offer free medical consultations to users

Online platform “Esaal” to offer free medical consultations to users
Online platform “Esaal” to offer free medical consultations to users

As part of its effort to raise public awareness of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and help ease fears and anxiety, Esaal, online consulting platform, has announced that it will give its users 24/7 access to its pool of medical experts to answer all their questions about the disease for free.
The subscription-based Esaal provides immediate consulting service in a wide range of topics, interests, and issues that encompass different fields and disciplines, which include healthcare. The platform enables users to consult certified experts via a secure and easy-to-use chat interface.
Through Esaal, all users who want to know more about the coronavirus, including symptoms and preventive measures, can easily get in touch with any of the platform’s certified healthcare specialists. Our doctors are on standby round-the-clock to give them advice on how to protect themselves and their loved ones during these challenging times. By doing so, we hope to empower people and make them more capable of handling this health crisis. We are offering this service for free to ensure that everyone in the platform has access to accurate information anytime and anywhere” said by Medhat Karam, CEO of ArpuPlus, mother company of  Esaal.
Karam said that "Esaal" is tapping all its capabilities to give back to local communities and contribute to global efforts to fight COVID-19 as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The ArpuPlus CEO also assured the utmost confidentiality of all conversations with the doctors, noting that users remain anonymous to provide them with a sense of security to communicate freely with the experts
We know how the outbreak is causing people to be anxious amid growing COVID-19 cases. It also does not help that false information is being floated around, especially on social media, making people concerned even more. However, panicking will not do us any good during this period.  To correct all misinformation, Esaal will connect users to doctors online who are ready to provide immediate and correct answers to them. This free service will also allow users to make follow-ups and, if they’re not feeling well, talk about their symptoms, especially if they are getting worse,” he added.
Esaal has been in the market for only two years yet it has already impacted the lives of more than 500,000 people who have asked and received personalized answers from certified experts about a range of topics, from parenting and psychological consultations to medical advice, in over 17 fields. To deliver full experience rather than a one-time engagement, both users and experts can make follow-ups whenever necessary.
The platform is accessible in more than 10 countries, including Egypt, the UAE, Libya, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and many more. Esaal is working to be available in different parts of the world, cover all disciplines, and expand its network of experts to become a “virtual 360 expert.” To serve more users, Esaal is available in Arabic, English, and French.

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